"Philip Frey’s 'Slip of Light' is simply one of those paintings that looks like it fell off the brush. It’s an urban scene of no particular note, but this only lets us better see the brushwork, which is about as good as it gets. (If, however, you unravel the composition from the yellow at the base of the statue, the scene spirals open with a dazzling structural brilliance; however, this takes a few passes.) Every stroke feels both alive and perfectly in its place. It’s a new high water mark. Frey is an excellent painter, but 'Slip of Light' feels inspired beyond the norm." Daniel Kany, Greenhut's Biennial 'Portland Show' Sets a Standard, Portland Press Herald, 2016)

Mindful of every brush stroke, Maine painter Philip Frey finds solace in landscape, Emily Burnham. Bangor Daily News, 2016

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University of Maine Museum of Art
Parallels: Philip Frey
September 23 – December 31, 2016

Parallels features a new assortment of oil paintings by Maine artist Philip Frey. The artist, most known for his expressive images of the Maine landscape, provides varied glimpses of other subjects and approaches in this exhibition including cityscapes, portraits and abstract compositions.

Frey explains that these works address “a need to explore, discover and stretch my limits as a painter” and that “by design, the explorations in one series influence the other and vice versa.” While the new abstract works allow Frey to investigate a more intuitive and improvisational process, the paintings exhibit color relationships and sensitive brushstrokes that are often seen in his representational works.

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